Artist Notes:

Witnessing the sight of thousands of crabs gracefully dropping from the pylons and drifting down to the sandy bottom was a truly mesmerising experience. It served as a reminder of the incredible privilege we have to inhabit this remarkable place. The visual juxtaposition created a perfect illusion, as if the spider crab, in its descent, was defying gravity and rising up, while I, in reality, was descending towards the ocean floor.

In that fleeting moment, time seemed to stand still, allowing me to immerse myself in the sheer beauty of the scene. The play of light and shadow cast enchanting silhouettes, blurring the boundaries between the real and the surreal. It was as if I had entered a magical realm, where nature's artistry unfolded before my eyes.

As I descended deeper, I couldn't help but marvel at the ancient presence of these creatures. Their resilience and connection to this underwater world serve as a humbling reminder of the delicate balance that sustains life.

In that single moment, I felt a profound appreciation for the intricate dance between the above and the below, the terrestrial and the aquatic. We are but humble participants in this grand performance, fortunate to witness the magnificence of nature's creations. May we always cherish and protect these pristine ecosystems, ensuring that future generations can revel in the awe-inspiring wonders that lie beneath the surface.

Port Phillip Bay, Victoria, Australia


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