I Do

I Do

Artist Notes:

In those surreal moments, the ocean unveils its captivating beauty, blurring the boundaries between reality and imagination. Descending into an alien underwater wonderland, we become mere guests, entranced by its profound allure. Most divers merely observe, missing out on the profound connection that awaits.

I've made it my mission to go beyond observation, forging deeper connections and inspiring positive reactions. Unrestrained by the watery world, And in a cherished moment, a tiny seahorse becomes my companion.

Moved to assist its journey, I offer a helping hand, a strand of seagrass as a guide. But fate intervenes. Gracefully, the seahorse clings on my finger, and together we traverse the depths. Yet, as swiftly as it came, the seahorse slips away into the unknown.

This instance is more than chance— an awakening to the impact we have on this delicate ecosystem. I immortalise this breathtaking moment, hoping it sparks change within us all.

Port Phillip bay, Victoria, Australia


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