Lost Dragon


Artist’s Notes: 

Lost amidst the vast expanse of the chilly waters off Australia's Southern coastline, a place that has granted me countless diving adventures. It is here, where I observe the enigmatic Weedy Sea Dragons—creatures that teeter on the edge of endangerment. Masters of the art of disguise, they have honed the skill of blending seamlessly with their surroundings, becoming one with the grass-covered seabed. They exist within plain sight, yet their true nature remains elusive, a secret shared only with those who seek to uncover their hidden wonders.

What captivates me most is their delicate dance of harmony with a slender, ribbon-like fin gracefully adorning their backs, serving as both rudder and sail as they navigate the ocean currents. They move with an unparalleled freedom, unhindered by the constraints of their environment. 

Above, a timber pier provides sanctuary, a haven where they gather indulge in their favourite delicacies: small crustaceans that sustain their delicate existence. Yet, even in this seemingly idyllic realm, they face threats. Predators lurk, their hungry eyes fixated on these vulnerable creatures. But it is the human impact that stands out as the gravest peril they encounter. The undeniable truth is that our actions pose the greatest danger to these exquisite beings, pushing them closer to the brink of extinction.

Mesmerising, the Weedy Sea Dragons drift with the currents, oblivious to the uncertainty that shrouds their future. How much longer will they grace our world with their presence? This question lingers in the depths, echoing with a sense of urgency and responsibility. It falls upon us, as custodians, to acknowledge the fragile beauty that hangs in the balance and take action to ensure their existence endures.



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