Lots of Lions

Lots of Lions

Artist Notes:

In your deep, dark eyes, I glimpse an ocean brimming with vibrant hues. We share a mysterious bond, and despite your fear, you do not reject my presence. Your curiosity emanates, though I can never fully comprehend your essence.

Your unconventional beauty captivates me. Your sleek fur, your wiry whiskers, and your ears folded back as you gaze upon your own reflection in my camera's port. Perhaps this is the first time you've truly seen yourself.

You mirror my movements. When I roll, you roll. When I dive, you dive. Such a playful connection with an animal is a rare and precious discovery.

I write this for you, on behalf of you.

 “Take a moment and look into my eyes. Get closer. I am the one without a voice. My plea is silent but it must be heard, you hold the future of my existence. Don’t forget about me”

The silence in the water becomes loud and the air in my lungs becomes heavy. It pulls me back to the surface as I remember we are from different worlds.

Thank you for this moment.

Port Phillip Bay, Victoria, Australia


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