Artist Notes:

The open ocean serves as a canvas for an Australian Fur Seal, its coat adorned with liquid metallic air bubbles. It moves ceaselessly, a constant flurry of motion. Like rockets, the seals dart around me, engaging in playful interactions with their companions. Yet, despite their lively presence, they remain wary of my intrusion into their domain. Metallic droplets glisten as they cascade from their fur, a testament to their agile manoeuvres. Adjusting my camera settings, I strive to capture a pristine frame, a brief window of opportunity. Within the deep darkness of the backdrop, I seek to immortalise the fleeting interplay of light upon the seal's face. Overwhelmed by the sheer power and vitality exuded by these creatures, I find solace in my camera's display, checking each shot in pursuit of that elusive perfect moment.

Port Phillip Bay, Victoria, Australia


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