Split Fin


Artist’s Notes: 

There exists a profound division between two realms—the realm above and the realm below. Standing on the precipice, gazing downward, your mind brims with anticipation, your heart pulsating with excitement. As you slip beneath the cooling embrace of the water, time itself seems to stretch, granting you a serene connection with your surroundings. Your senses awaken, drinking in the sheer beauty that envelops you.

The once-familiar surface of the ocean, so solid and stable, undergoes a magical transformation. It becomes a sky of liquid silk. And there, amidst this ethereal expanse, you bear witness to a spectacle that defies comprehension. Majestic mammals navigate the fine threshold between two worlds, effortlessly weaving through the aqueous depths. Each movement sets cascades of light, as it rebounds off the trails they leave behind—a breathtaking silk string of illumination.

Mesmerised, you become enraptured by their otherworldly allure. These creatures, inhabitants of the sea since long before our presence and likely long after our time has passed. They serve as living testaments to the enduring legacy of life in our vast oceans, a reminder of the ancient treasures that resides beneath the surface. 



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