Artist Notes:

Emerging from the depths of darkness, a myriad of captivating experiences await. Among them, encounters with octopuses hold a special allure. These remarkable creatures possess an innate curiosity and distinct personalities, rendering each interaction a fascinating and unique journey. Some encounters are fleeting, leaving an ephemeral imprint, while others engender a sense of connection that transcends the boundaries between species.

In one such encounter, an octopus ventured cautiously onto my leg, its inquisitive nature driving it to explore the unfamiliar presence before it. Tentacles delicately touched my skin, conveying a mix of intrigue and uncertainty. However, the vast discrepancy in size between us soon became apparent, prompting a swift retreat into the enveloping darkness. Yet, in that fleeting moment, a bond was forged, a connection between two sentient beings, albeit transient in nature.

Capturing this evocative scene, the band of light serves as a visual testament to the limited vision we possess in this ethereal darkness. It highlights the stark contrast between the luminescent realm of the octopus and our own perceptual limitations. 

These encounters with octopuses, each imbued with its own narrative, remind us of the wondrous diversity of life that thrives in the depths. They invite us to embrace the unknown, to immerse ourselves in the enigmatic beauty of the ocean. Through the lens of our limited perception, we catch a glimpse of their world, a world that humbles us and ignites a profound sense of wonder.

San Remo, Victoria, Australia


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