Welcome to the Ocean

Photography work of Matt Bagley


These are experiences, what it truly feels like below the surface, the divide between worlds. The ocean is not blue; it’s green, black, and hazy, full of shadows and darkness.
Light is sparse; visibility is limited, sometimes moving more by feeling than seeing. We are only guests here, those who live beneath feel, touch, smell, and have sensors we could never understand and still have much to learn from.


I’m looking for the perfect balance of light and composition. Those small moments in life where we feel perfectly connected to nature. Whether it be in a single breath dive, the morning light bouncing off the oceans surface or the darkness that comes before the moon. There is so much beauty that it’s hard to look past. Endlessly searching for those moments of natural interactions, I’m drawn to them. Not only to capture but to experience them. These are a collection of those moments.

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"4:00 AM thoughts & possibilities, ideas during the early hours of the morning"

Dive into the Future Palx Images

Dive into Palx Images: Redefining immersive visual storytelling in an era of creative innovation. Explore unique experiences that captivate and reshape perspectives.
“Carbon Footprint" by an Ad Agency & BP: Guilt Tripping to Revolution

“Carbon Footprint" by an Ad Agency & BP: Guilt Tripping to Revolution

"Carbon Footprint," created by a UK advertising agency in partnership with BP (those slick oil and gas maestros). What was initially intended to shift blame and instill guilt took an unexpected turn, igniting an Environmental Revolution.
AI & Human Creativity

AI & Human Creativity

In essence, this highlights the distinction between AI and human creativity. While AI can recognise patterns and deliver results on request, it lacks the ability to experience or understand the emotional depth of human creativity.
When Art and Craftsmanship Collide

When Art and Craftsmanship Collide

Discover the intersection of art and craftsmanship in the beauty of framing artwork. Learn how skilled framers elevate your vision, transform the feel of the artwork, and add value to your investment. Experience the artistry and guidance that comes from working with passionate craftsmen.

Media / Awards

Parley In Focus interview / The Beauty of Underwater Photography / Editorial Moscow Foto Awards / Interview Ocean Culture Life / Storytellers Interview PA2F Environmental Photography Award 2021 / ‘Reasons for Hope’  International Photography award /Nature/Underwater /2nd Place / Ocean Photographer of the Year /Exploration / Highly Commended NDAwards / 1st place Nature Underwater Australian Photography Awards Winner

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