The Unseen Journey

By Matt Bagley

Behind the Lens of a Single Frame

It’s easy to forget the time dedicated to a single image. You see it as one frame, a split second moment, 1/600 of a second frozen in time.

It’s difficult to express what it takes to get to that point, the learning, the mistakes, the split second misses. The “ooo damn” moments when the equipment fails or the weather turns unexpectedly. It’s all the before that can never be shown or understood.

This video gives you a glimpse into the before. A small insight to the process behind a shot, it’s still only a 1min video, but it’s an idea. I’ve dived Flinders Pier many times before, but after reading about the plans to pull down its timber structure it’s sad to think about the things that might be lost. In particular the weedy sea dragons that call Flinders Pier home. This dive was about spending some time with them.

Completely reliant on camouflage they are masters of disguise, blending with the kelp bottoms and hidden within plain site. The pier is a shelter for them where they can feed on small crustaceans and zooplankton. They are only found in southern Australian waters and we (humans) are basically their only real threat due to pollution, habitat destruction and international Aquarium trade.

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“Carbon Footprint" by an Ad Agency & BP: Guilt Tripping to Revolution

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