When Art and Craftsmanship Collide

By Matt Bagley

The Beauty of Framing Artwork

When you purchuse artwork it’s not only a connection with the work but also the artist and the people involved creating it.   

As a photographer I take pride in my work, not just as a still image but also as the final product: “how will it sit on the wall”, in what lighting, in what space. For anyone who has purchased work from me they will understand my passion and how my work will be displayed. It intrigues me not only how a buyer connects with a shot but also how they personalise the final hang.  

Most of my work is sold unframed so It can be shipped easily to different locations around the world. It is packed in a tube and then it disappears on its journey. I always wonder how it will look as a final product. I feel like I’m missing out on something, like a milestone in its life seeing it all grown up. They leave home and I hope I have given the buyer enough guidance to achieve what they imagined as a final piece.  

The advice I give to buyers is not to take it out of the tube and to deliver it straight to the framer however, I am unsure how many people can resist taking a look! You might think handling a raw print is easy but it’s not that simple. Fingerprints, dust, rolling it back... it all allows possibilities to damage the investment. Framers know how to handle raw prints, it is a skill that takes time to understand and master.  

A frame can truly change the feel of an artwork. A good framer handles and creates something that adds to the quality of the artwork. You work with them for guidance, for the ability to speak about options, they are craftsman that help develop and achieve your vision. The frame becomes an extension of the artwork itself. Different mouldings, timbers, mountings, finishings... the options are endless.  

They have techniques that have been learnt over the years and they hold personal skills that make what they do unique. Next time you frame a piece of art don’t just ask about cost, learn about the “why" and “ how”, as you will appreciate the final product so much more and see the value added to your artwork.  

This is a short clip of Ben from Framed Inverloch framing “Fluke”. Hopefully it will give you some insight into the skill involved and importance of working with someone who truly takes pride in their work.   It was the first time printed on canvas and we used a different framing option to my normal style so having the ability to be guided and understand his process made all the difference.  

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When Art and Craftsmanship Collide

When Art and Craftsmanship Collide

Discover the intersection of art and craftsmanship in the beauty of framing artwork. Learn how skilled framers elevate your vision, transform the feel of the artwork, and add value to your investment. Experience the artistry and guidance that comes from working with passionate craftsmen.


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