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In our busy lives, it's all too easy to overlook the profound impact we can have on the environment and the creatures we share it with. I sought out this moment of natural interaction. Armed with a dive torch, its alluring light cutting through the darkness, I delved into the unknown, curious to discover what would reveal themselves. Emerging from the depths of the darkness, a curious squid ventured into the light, drawn by the glow. In that surreal moment, it found solace in the palm of my hand, a connection between our worlds. Its tentacles gently brushed against my skin, a tangible reminder of our fragile bond. The squid's trust and curiosity were a humbling reminder of our responsibility to tread lightly and protect the habitats we encounter. We possess the power to shape their future, for better or worse. In capturing this moment, I hope to ignite a consciousness within each viewer.

San Remo, Vic, Australia, 2020. Canon. Limited Edition of 50. Signed certificate of authenticity.

Limited Edition works give the collector a unique opportunity to own an original piece. In both the physical and digital forms. Each of the 50 prints  – comes with a numbered and signed Certificate of Authenticity.

Shipping from Australia. Worldwide Shipping: We ship to the UK, USA, JPN, KOR all EU countries & EEC countries, and more. Your art print will be dispatched within 3-5 working days. Local delivery will take up to 4 days, to the rest of the world could take up to 10 days. All purchases are sent via tracked & insured shipping services. All purchases are sent via DHL express worldwide couriers. International orders may incur customs duties which are not included in the shipping costs.

The Print is made to order, therefore unfortunately we cannot accept returns. However if your print is damaged in transit, or in the very unlikely event that it arrives with a defect, we will of course replace it.

You can choose between print only or both printed and digital NFT for not extra cost. Your wallet addresses will be confirmed via email after purchase confirmation.

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